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Black Cherry Mojito 

July 11th is National Mojito Day and a Black Cherry Mojito is the perfect way to celebrate! This recipe will make multiple drinks worth. Store the mojito concentrate in the fridge and mx with ice and club soda when ready. A few years ago I…


Summer Baked In A Cookie 

My friends, the search is over.  I have found summer in the form of a cookie.  Seriously, the perfect blend of flavor, texture, and density is found in this single recipe.  I love my Coconut Lime Shortbread cookies (found here at, but on a…

Summer Fun

Something To Celebrate 

A friend confided in me that her daughter desperately declared, “We have nothing to look forward to.”  This was both disheartening and motivating.  I quickly set out to find a way to give kids something to look forward to during these crazy times.  Do you…