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Reindeer Day 

Rudolph was very upset when he couldn’t join the other reindeer in their games.  I can understand, with a day full of reindeer fun, who would want to be left out! As with any other Christmas Countdown activity, you can turn anything into a reindeer…


A Grinchy Day 

Today is Grinch Day!  It is one of our favorite holiday Family Christmas Countdown activities.  Usually we celebrate by inviting friend over for a day of fun, but this year we are having fun with our fab five.  The great thing about Grinch Day is…


Family Christmas Countdown 

Christmas 2020 can be approached two different ways.  We can enter the season with heavy hearts and focus on everything we are going to miss out on due to a world wide pandemic.  Or we could take the opportunity to create new memories and traditions. …