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Author: Joy Martin


Basic Muffins With A Twist 

  My favorite Blueberry Muffin recipe. For simple twist, swap blueberries for any other berry. Add chocolate chips or nuts for added flavor A couple of months ago, I discovered these gems in the baking aisle and I knew I needed them. The espresso flavor…

DIY, Summer Fun

DIY Bleached T-shirts 

The kids were looking over the 100 Fun Summer Activities List and they expressed an interest in making their own summer shirts.  Thankfully this mama planned ahead and had all the supplies on hand.  After reading a few different tutorials, I decided to give bleach…


Summer Baked In A Cookie 

My friends, the search is over.  I have found summer in the form of a cookie.  Seriously, the perfect blend of flavor, texture, and density is found in this single recipe.  I love my Coconut Lime Shortbread cookies (found here at, but on a…

Summer Fun

Something To Celebrate 

A friend confided in me that her daughter desperately declared, “We have nothing to look forward to.”  This was both disheartening and motivating.  I quickly set out to find a way to give kids something to look forward to during these crazy times.  Do you…