Rudolph was very upset when he couldn’t join the other reindeer in their games.  I can understand, with a day full of reindeer fun, who would want to be left out!

As with any other Christmas Countdown activity, you can turn anything into a

reindeer snack, craft, or game.  Pinterest is full of ideas. Our favorite reindeer snack are these brownies.  Since they are prepackaged, they make a great snack to share at a school party (check for nut allergies!).

We’ve also made reindeer brownies from box mix.


My kids might be upset that I forgot to include these reindeer doughnuts in this year’s countdown.

If chocolate is not your thing, you can always use the same idea with Rice Krispy Treats instead.Even lunch can have some reindeer twists.

When our kids were little we made these adorable hand and feet reindeer paintings. I wonder if I could get them to make them now.

Last year the grandparents brought this fun reindeer game  over on Christmas.  The kids are excited to get it out again.

No reindeer day would be complete without the1964 movie, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” has been shown yearly on TV for more than 50 years.If I’m honest, I’m not a fan and I don’t know if my kids have ever watched it.  It seems like a rite of passage though and it looks like this year is the perfect year to dig into the classics.

Enjoy your reindeer day with a good book like Jan Brett’s The Wild Christmas Reindeer and finish the day with a sprinkle of Reindeer Food on the lawn.  Rudolph would approve of all the fun.