Today is Grinch Day!  It is one of our favorite holiday Family Christmas Countdown activities.  Usually we celebrate by inviting friend over for a day of fun, but this year we are having fun with our fab five.  The great thing about Grinch Day is that there are so many Grinchy ideas on Pinterest.  Everything from food, to games, to crafts.  I usually include Grinch themed worksheets to make math class a little more exciting.

Our favorite holiday movie is the original 1966 animated How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  My kids request it more than once a season.  Even though we’ve already seen it this week, watching it on Grinch Day is no problem.  You can pick any version that you like or watch them all and compare/contrast.

We always make Roast Beast for dinner (roast beef) and these Grinch Kabobs for a snack. 

The great thing about Grinchy snacks is that you can throw together anything green with a hint of red, and call it Grinch ______.

For example a glass of Limeade with some strawberries floating among the ice cubes becomes Grinch Limeade.

This year we are making Grinch Hot Cocoa.

Grinch Muddy Buddies.

And Grinch Pancakes for lunch (I was not motivated to be too creative for breakfast).



Crafts can also be simple green & red combos.  A few years ago we made these Grinch shirts. I instructed the kids to cut out a red heart and I would not help them.  Each heart came out different and the shirts were unique. I found a double sided fabric tape at the craft store, so it was a no mess activity that the kids could do with minimal help.

Another year we filled glass bulb ornaments with green Easter grass (you could use paper scraps) and added a heart sticker on the outside.  It was a little tricky to get the paper in the small opening but it was an easy craft overall.  The kids love placing these ornaments on the tree each year.

A fun family activity that we did the other day was a bedroom door decorating contest.  Josiah and I had a blast creating a Grinch scene.

There are so many fun Grinch activities that we can’t narrow it down to just one.  Our family really enjoys hanging out with the Grinch all day.