October 2020 marks a special occasion in our household.  Josiah has discovered the magical world of Harry Potter.   When Hannah started her journey 4 years ago, our house instantly became filled with wands, robes, and any merchandise related to the franchise.  Josiah joined his big sister in the excitement but he didn’t fully understand the magic.  Fast forward to this week as he cried at bedtime because he had to close the third book, to get some sleep.  Each day Josiah has used he imagination to create spell books, costumes, and even Scabbers the Rat out of Legos.  Once again our house has become a land of magic and possibilities.

Our favorite activity is to design our own wands.  We’ve created wands out of everything from chopsticks to paper, but our favorite creation is the pencil wand.  School work is so much more fun with a homemade wand.  Here are the simple steps to create the magic.



DIY Wand Pencils

Materials Needed:
hot glue gun/sticks
paint (we used acrylic)
paint brushes

Step 1:
At the eraser end of the pencils create a handle design with hot glue 2 or 3 inches in length. (Do not cover the eraser.)

You can create complex designs by adding additional layers once the glue has dried.
Try spinning the pencil in between your hand as the glue dries in multiple directions.
Tip the pencil in multiple ways and watch the glue run in a direction and then dry in place.

Step 2:

Once the glue has dried, paint the pencil and glue in the design of your choice.  (Once again do not paint the eraser.)

Once the first layer of paint has dried feel free to be creative add painted details to fit your personality.


My kids love to create these wands and more importantly they love to use them.  School work becomes more fun when a wand pencil is used.  I myself, carefully select the right wand for my grocery list.  A little bit of imagination brightens everyone’s day.