When autumn returns, I instantly feel the need to take a walk in the woods.  I’m not sure whether is the cool temperatures or the changing colors, but the forest calls to me.  As a homeschooling mama, I am always looking to make every opportunity, a learning opportunity.  If we can cover science while checking off physical education, I’m all about it.

A simple activity to try is a nature scavenger hunt.  There are many pre-made list found on the internet. Or you can come up with your own.   At Target I have found Nature Bingo Boards in their dollar spot. Sometimes it difficult for little ones to juggle a paper, pen, & the urge to run, so keep in mind whatever they start out with, you will probably have to carry it.




While browsing Pintrest I found some really cute nature walk/art projects.  Check out these cool nature frames from https://childsplayabc.wordpress.com/2020/06/08/nature-art-frames-2/









My kids really enjoyed making these nature vases from http://teachersmag.com/posts/flower-decorating-activity-for-kids 

Older children can learn through nature hikes too.  Collect leaves from various trees. Bring them home and use the internet to help identify the type of tree they came from. For this project we made a leaf guide book by first making leaf rubbing, then identifying the leaf.   http://www.leaf-id.com/.

I need to remind myself that soon the weather will turn cold and snowy.  My desire to snuggle on the couch will be stronger than the urge to go for a walk.  Now is the time to get outside and talk a walk in the woods.