My friends, the search is over.  I have found summer in the form of a cookie.  Seriously, the perfect blend of flavor, texture, and density is found in this single recipe.  I love my Coconut Lime Shortbread cookies (found here at, but on a hot summer day, a shortbread is too dry and heavy.  So I went searching for the same flavor but in a sugar cookie form and I found a great recipe at

There are just a few things I changed in the recipe.  First, I had 2 limes that needed to be used so I zested and juiced them both and didn’t bother measuring.  Next, I skipped the optional coconut flavoring because that is not something I had on hand.  Lastly, I rolled the cookies in Wilton’s White Sparkling Sugar because I wanted the cookies to sparkle in the sunlight.

In an effort to not eat the entire batch in one sitting, I immediately put the cookies in the freezer.  Now when I’m craving something light and sweet, I try to show restraint and grab just one.  Within a few minutes of sitting on the counter, the cookie is thawed and ready to eat.