Every day I wake up and have to make a choice of what kind of mom I want to be.  Every day I open my eyes to the tap of little fingers on my face or a call from the room across the hall and before I’ve even made the decision of how I want my day to go, I make the decision of how I want my kid’s day to go.  This is not an easy task.  One woman alone cannot do it all without experiencing exhaustion and burnout.  We’ve all heard the quote, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  While I agree with the sentiment, I believe it could also be said, “it takes a village to support a mother raising her child”. Over the past twelve years, I have relied on the examples of the strong women in my life.  I have sought their counsel on everything from feeding to schooling.  I have searched the internet to find seasoned moms who have tips for my upcoming vacations and for activities to get me through long days.

On these recent, cold, rainy days, I have enjoyed curling up with my kids to watch movies.  Today we were snuggled up watching the latest Star Wars Episode and we reached the point in the movie where the good guys are on the brink of being defeated.  The general of the troops has to admit defeat and calls over the coms, “my friends I’m sorry…there is just too many of them.”  Suddenly he hears a reply “But there are more of us!”  Instantly the sky is filled with his friends who have come with hundreds of reinforcements.

I was hit with the thought; this is why moms need a community.  There are days which we struggle and no matter how hard we try, we feel like we are on the brink of defeat.  School, homework, illness, diagnoses, emotions, sports, clubs, work, cleaning, meals, bills, vacations, and let’s not forget our own needs, demand our attention.  All day, every day, Moms, we cannot do it alone, we need a community.

So the idea for this blog was born.  For years my husband has urged me to share my ideas with the internet and I have resisted.  Who am I and who wants to hear what I have to say?  Then the world was thrown into chaos and we have been cut off from the physical contact of other moms in our circles and I felt the need to build a digital community now more ever. I want to create a space where we can encourage one another with ideas of activities to keep our kids occupied, recipes to pull us out of the dinner rut we find ourselves in, and to encourage one another by saying, “what?  No way?  You too?”

Every Day Mom is a place where I want to gather my village.  I want to be willing to admit I need help and I want to offer my help to those who need it.  Every day we need to gather to help the moms in our lives.