A friend confided in me that her daughter desperately declared, “We have nothing to look forward to.”  This was both disheartening and motivating.  I quickly set out to find a way to give kids something to look forward to during these crazy times.  Do you know that there is a National Day of… everyday?  I’m not sure who decided we need to celebrate National Go Barefoot Day on June 1st or National Underwear Day on August 5th but National Day Calendar has a list of what we can celebrate every day of the year.  For your convenience , I compiled a list of every day this summer.  Print off the calendars and let your children look forward to Corn on the Cob Day (6/11) or Cousins Day (7/24).  I’m not suggesting you do it every day, but sit down with your family and decide which days would be fun to celebrate.  Then spend those days celebrating in fun and unique ways.  On June 8th mail your friend a special card for Best Friend Day. On August 20th celebrate Lemonade Day with a glass made from freshly squeezed lemons.  Continue to check out Every Day Mom this summer as we post some ideas on how we are going to spend the day.


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