With school coming to an end but the summer still in a state of uncertainty, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What are we going to do this summer?” There are many lists out there that are filled with great summer fun ideas, but they include going to the beach, a water park, or a grand vacation. These ideas are great, but don’t really work for a summer during a pandemic. So I sat down to compile a list of fun summer activities, all of which can get done without having to leave your own backyard. Join Every Day Mom this summer as we complete many of these activities ourselves.

Things to do this summer at home:

  1. Have a water balloon fight
  2. Have a water gun war
  3. Paint rocks
  4. Paint with water on the sidewalk
  5. Sleep under the stars
  6. Camp out in a tent in the backyard
  7. Make s’mores
  8. Go star gazing
  9. Wash the car
  10. Play Frisbee
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Cook a meal over the open fire
  13. Make homemade lemonade
  14. Make ice cream
  15. Have fun with glow sticks
  16. Catch fireflies
  17. Build a fort (inside or outside)
  18. Have a paper airplane contest
  19. Tie-dye something
  20. Play in the sprinkler
  21. Dance in the rain
  22. Watch a thunderstorm from your covered porch
  23. Eat ice cream sundaes for dinner
  24. Make cards and mail them to loved ones
  25. Play flashlight tag
  26. Make your own bubbles
  27. Hatch butterflies
  28. Learn a new skill
  29. Read a book in a fun location (Tent, treehouse, hammock)
  30. Create your own fairy garden
  31. Grow your own veggies
  32. Make your own sidewalk chalk
  33. Try a new recipe
  34. Design your own boats and float them in a pool or tub
  35. Backyard movie night
  36. Complete a backyard nature scavenger hunt
  37. Complete a photo shoot
  38. Host an art show (invite family and friends to join you virtually)
  39. Make and bury a time capsule
  40. Make homemade popsicles
  41. Journal
  42. Make or buy a kite to fly
  43. Have a PJ Day
  44. Have a day of colors (ex: Blue Day- dress in blue, eat blue foods, make art with blue supplies)
  45. Trace shadows
  46. Celebrate the National Day of________
  47. Make a summer scrapbook
  48. Take long exposure pictures
  49. Dress up for a fancy family dinner
  50. Have a family board game night
  51. Create a piece of art as a family
  52. Look for shapes in the clouds
  53. Have a dance party
  54. Set up carnival games in the backyard
  55. Create your own mini golf course
  56. Clean and rearrange a room
  57. Create backyard bowling
  58. Wake up to watch the sunrise
  59. Learn a new card game
  60. Purchase a new coloring book
  61. Watch a classic movie
  62. Watch a movie series (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Movies, Star Wars)
  63. Surprise a friend with a box of fun in the mail or left on their doorstep
  64. Participate in a virtual VBS
  65. Set a reading goal
  66. Read a book then watch the movie
  67. Buy fresh fruit from a local source (or pick your own) and make a new recipe
  68. Read your favorite childhood book to your children
  69. Create an obstacle course
  70. Host your own backyard Olympics
  71. Have family luau
  72. Make your own rockets
  73. Create Americana Art for the 4th of July
  74. Re-purpose something in your home
  75. Make friendship bracelets
  76. Make a no bake dessert
  77. Make grilled pizza
  78. Create (or buy) and Play life size games (Jenga, Scrabble, Angry Birds…)
  79. Complete a National Park Junior Range Program at home
  80. Listen to a family friendly podcast
  81. Listen to an audiobook while doing household chores (mowing, cleaning a room or your car…)
  82. Let the kids take turns helping to make dinner
  83. Host a family brunch
  84. Eat breakfast outside
  85. Get up before the rest of your family and enjoy coffee outside
  86. Have a home spa day
  87. Have a game show night (trivia, name that tune, Pictionary)
  88. Make your own board game
  89. Hide a prize and create a map to find it (or clues)
  90. Random Acts of Kindness day (be a secret server)
  91. Create a summer playlist
  92. DIY Summer 2020 t-shirts
  93. Complete a STEM project, class, or subscription kit
  94. Squirt gun art
  95. Make a bird feeder and an observation guide record your visitors
  96. Make something messy (slime, playdough, mud pies)
  97. Play a new board game (trade one of yours with a friend)
  98. Make a signature summer smoothie, milkshake, cocktail, mocktail…
  99. Set a goal (reading; exercise; miles of walking, biking, running…)
  100. Let your kids take the pictures for a day.